Salt Body Scrub



Lemon Myrtle & Bergamot Salt Scrub

For glowing skin head to toe, enjoy this euphoric 2 in 1 exfoliating moisturiser.

Australian sea salt that gently exfoliates dry ,dead skin cells to reveal smooth fresh skin whilst boosting circulation.

A blend of cold pressed oils and invigorating citrus essentials oils to uplift your spirit, leaving your skin deliciously silky soft and alluring.

For all over body glow, exfoliate your body before showering or wetting the skin, scoop salt in to the hand, massage into your desired body part, and then rinse off.

*may contain traces of nut oils.

Six ways to use the body salt scrub

  1. Helps to protect cracked heels
  2. Smooth hard working dry cracked hands
  3. Soothing insect bites
  4. Essential for dry itchy skin conditions
  5. All over body moisturising indulgent
  6. Prepares your skin for an even tan